Kobe Darling Asante Boateng




I'm Kobe Darling Asante Boateng, 23, originally from Ghana and now exploring the world of fashion in Germany. At 1,88 meters tall, my distinctive feature is my captivating dual-colored eyes—blue and brown—a unique touch resulting from a pigment disorder. It's not just a quirk, it's an artistic expression that adds a special flair to my presence in the fashion scene.

I'm currently making strides as a high fashion model. The interplay of colors, fabrics, and styles on the runway resonates with my artistic side, while my favorite hues, khaki, and gray, reflect my style's sophistication.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, I find balance through kickboxing and boxing, disciplines that not only keep me physically resilient but also symbolize the determination needed to reach my goals. I'm on a journey of self-discovery and excellence!